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How to use eLearning as part of employees onboarding?

Regardless of your business you need to get new employees aboard smoothly but what is the efficient way? Let’s take a look at one example from Airport Operations.


New airport ground handling personnel need to study a number of safety and security related topics on top of companys welcome presentations and Q&A’s before they start their work.

A strong argument can be made to suggest that companies use online eLearning as part of initial training. eLearning can take place in the classroom which can help instructor to familiarise students for both the topics and at the same time to eLearning.

Self study courses can be used to deliver precisely the needed topics and information to all students. This enables teacher to get the whole class at the same basic level of knowledge before he or she will start his/her teaching.

We at have number of ready to use e-learning products available to cover security, safety and service related training needs with standardised content.

If you don’t use e-learning yet, you can start to improve your company’s productivity today.

Best regards, Pertti


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