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Flying drones safely

Drones (Remotely-piloted aircraft systems – RPAS) are increasingly used for commercial and recreational purposes. The increase of drone operations has a direct impact to safety reports, there are too many drones operated dangerously close to aircraft and airports. [embedyt][/embedyt]

We have seen lately that drone operators are seeking greater access to airspace where commercial aircraft are operating. IATA has highlighted the industry concerns of e.g. safety, security, access to airpace and regulatory consaiderations to ICAO and key industry partners are looking for areas of co-operation.

e-Learning can be used to raise awarness in the field and provide tools to get commercial and recreational operators trained fast and ecciently around the globe.

We have done e-Learning courses for different marketplaces and languages in Asia, Europe and Americas. If there is a need to get our help from to show how these people can be trained, we are ready, just let us know.


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