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  • Ari Ketola

Concrete Actions for Sustainability

In aviation, sustainability thinking has been largely driven by technical aspects such as energy efficiency and the use of energy sources such as SAF (Sustainable Aircraft Fuel). This is understandable as commercial aviation is responsible for around 2-3% of global carbon emissions.

Sustainability in aviation is, however, a much broader agenda. In airport ground handling operations, for example, sustainability awareness and related skills are core competencies for every employee.

Airpro towbarless pushback tractor Kalmar TBL 190 Hybrid.

Everyday Actions Make a Difference

Everyday actions in the workplace have an impact on the carbon footprint of aviation. Here are some examples of what airport ground handling companies can do to improve the sustainability of their operations:

Reduce carbon emissions 

Using of electric or hybrid ground vehicles, sustainable fuel sources and implementing energy efficient practices.

Optimise ground handling processes 

Reducing idle time for GSEs and improving ground handling processes for better efficiency.

Use data and technology 

Using data and technology to optimise ground operations, such as predictive analytics to plan more efficient schedules.

Collaborate with stakeholders 

Working with airport authorities, airlines, and other stakeholders to identify opportunities for collaboration and joint sustainability initiatives.

Invest in training and development 

Investing in training and development programmes for ground staff helps to increase their awareness and knowledge of sustainable practices.

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