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Aviation industry must educate people

Today anyone who works in the airport operations or logistics must be trained according to their job function. This includes initial training to acquire required competences and regular recurrent trainings to maintain and update them. The increasing training needs and global competition creates demand for more cost-efficient training solutions.

Global air traffic is expected to double in the next 20 years, creating millions of new jobs. The aviation industry faces a huge training challenge to prepare training for new workforce and at same time keep older employees up-to-date on required skills.

The industry need to attract young talents providing standards for competency and forward looking career paths. At the same time, the training should be relevant, user-friendly and cost-effective. The needed course contents, standards and technology are already here. We simply need collaboration between parties for implementation as training is readily available.

It’s not only money what you can save with e-learning, you can also show better learning outcomes in many cases. As you know, it is pure fact that well-trained people’s motivation level is high and they do their work more efficiently.

We at support the industry and are willing to create highend e-learning programs and courses in co-operation with industry players. We strongly believe that we have something to give for the aviation people of the future!

If you would like to know more about us and our services please check or send your request by e-mail directly to me.



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